Special Educational Needs


‘Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are well supported in the classroom by teachers and teaching assistants. These groups make good progress from their starting points reaching standards close to those of the same groups nationally. Some pupils reach above national standards.’ – Ofsted 2014

As a Catholic school we celebrate the unique contribution of each individual and are committed to the inclusion of all members of our community. We welcome and celebrate diversity in our community.

We value all children and respond sensitively and appropriately to their educational, physical and emotional needs. We aim to respect children’s needs and celebrate their achievements.

The class teacher is responsible for providing work to cover the whole range of ability within their class. We believe that early identification of needs combined with parental involvement and support is essential for children who demonstrate a need for extra help at any time during their school life.

Teachers discuss any concerns with the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and appropriate action is taken, including talking to parents. Individual Education Plans (I.E.Ps) are written by the class teacher and shared with parents. The child receives extra help within the classroom or is withdrawn for small group or one to one support as appropriate. This is usually with a Learning Support Assistant (L.S.A.)
There are regular opportunities for parents to meet with the SENCo, teaching staff and other external agencies, such as medical, social and psychological experts.

Our Special Needs Policy, which may be viewed on request, sets out our aims and objectives in providing for the requirements of children with special needs. Our accessibility plan can be found on the policies page of the website.

The needs of exceptionally able children are monitored and provided for through an extended curriculum of suitably challenging work.

If you would like to find out more about Special Educational Needs (SEN) at St Patrick’s, please read our SEN Information report which can be found below or contact our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Mrs Tonia Robertson on 01252 542511.

SEN Information Report Oct 17