St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

With Christ as our guide and example we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual.

Together we will try to:

Learn from Jesus,

Love like Jesus,

Live like Jesus


Internal school assessment has two forms:
Formative assessment – teachers continually assess children’s progress and performance in class in order to plan for their next steps of learning.
Summative assessment – teachers assess progress at the end of a set block of work, end of half term or term.


Statutory assessment in the form of tasks or tests takes place at the end of each key stage. At the end of year 2 and year 6 teachers formally assess children in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and children in Year 1 undertake a national statutory phonic screening test. Children are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage profile at the end of their reception year.

Consultation evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring terms to enable teachers and parents to look at the child’s progress and identify targets for further challenge or support. Parents book for consultation appointments via parentmail.


Written progress reports are sent home to all parents during the spring term.  A summery report is also sent home in July at the end of the academic year. Opportunities are made available for parents to discuss school reports if requested.


Opportunities are always available to discuss concerns or worries you may have regarding your child but we ask that you telephone or write for an appointment so that a mutually convenient time can be arranged. A form is available from the school office.