St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

With Christ as our guide and example we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual.

Together we will try to:

Learn from Jesus,

Love like Jesus,

Live like Jesus


Parents have a legal duty to ensure their children attend school regularly and there are strict Government rules on absence from school.


All absences must be reported to the school on each day of illness by 8:50am. To report an absence please either phone the school on 01252 542511 and choose option 1 or email, with the following information: child’s name, year group and reason for their absence.  Failure to do so will mean the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. You will be contacted by the school by telephone if we have not heard from you by 9.30 a.m.


Holiday or Planned Absences (inc Medical Appointments)


Each year there are only 190 statutory school days, which leaves 175 days (weekends and school holidays) for non-urgent medical and dental appointments, treats or holidays. 

A ‘Request to Authorise Absence from School due to Exceptional Circumstances’ form is to be completed to request absence from school for circumstances such as funerals, visa or scholarship appointments or family holidays. A copy is attached at the bottom of this page and copies of this form are also available from the school office. 


Please ensure the form is completed and returned to the school office at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the first date of absence. We understand in the case of a change of circumstance or an emergency, this may not be possible.  Please note - Schools are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. In making a request for an authorised  absence from school you will need to explain why the circumstances are exceptional.


Regular Absence and Lateness


Any child who regularly misses school sessions (a session is either AM or PM, therefore one missed day counts as two sessions) is monitored by the school and by the local authority.  We are obliged to issue Penalty Notices for all unauthorised absences of 5 days or more.  The penalty is currently £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days of the issue of the notice.  Penalty notices will be enforced by Hampshire County Council through the courts so please avoid booking holidays in term time.   Only genuinely exceptional circumstances which cannot have been foreseen or avoided will be authorised.