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Parent Support Advisor

Sometimes things can get tough and parenting can be difficult.

Your Parent Support Advisor (PSA), Linda Parry is here to help.













What does a Parent Support Advisor do? 

Your Parent Support Advisor is here to offer support, guidance and a listening ear to parents of school children. 

The service is confidential and can support you with: 

  • Parental/family concerns
  • Parent confidence building
  • child/parent relationship breakdown
  • School lateness/attendance
  • Behaviour management
  • Transition through schools
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Bullying

Leaflets with more information can be downloaded at the bottom of the page or paper copies are available from the school office.


How do they do it? 

Parent Support advisors give support to families in many different ways including: 

  • One to one contact
  • Meeting with/in school
  • Parenting courses
  • Various parenting workshops
  • Support in referring to to other/more appropriate services
  • Telephone/text and email


When might you need to contact your Parent Support Advisor?

  • “I have a question about parenting”
  • “I need help getting my children to school on time”
  • “I am worried about parents evening”
  • “My child’s behaviour is getting out of hand”
  • “I’m worried my child is being bullied”
  • “I’m struggling since my partner left, what can I do?”
  • “I’m not sure how to talk to my child/ren”
  • “I would like someone to talk to”


What is the main aim of the Parent Support Advisor? 

The main aim of the service is to help parents to:

  • Improve/support parenting skills
  • Improve school attendance
  • Improve school puncuality
  • Engage in their child's learning
  • Get access to other services


The Wavell Cluster includes:

The Wavell Secondary School, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, South Farnborough Infant School, South Farnborough Junior School, Talavera Infant School, Talavera Junior School, St Peter’s CE Junior School, North Farnborough Infant School, Marlborough Infant School, St Mark’s CE Primary School, Rowhill School. 


Contact Details:

Tel: 07394 563002 or 01252 785008

Linda Parry, the school’s Parent Support Advisor, is available over the school summer holidays.


Linda is here to offer support, advice, guidance and a listening ear to parents who may be struggling at home with their children. Over the holidays Linda can support with:

  • Parental/family concerns
  • Transition (moving) through schools - Getting children ready for their new term
  • Behaviour Management
  • Understanding and supporting emotional concerns.
  • Building resilience
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Parent confidence building
  • Healthy Routines
  • Adapting strategies that may no longer be working
  • Separated parenting
  • Child/Parent relationship Breakdown

If you need to chat, or meet with Linda simply email or call 01252 785008.

Caring for yourself as a parent is just as important. Research has shown that parental anxiety can have a significant impact on children.  As a school, we can support and signpost you to charities and local organisations who can offer advice and guidance.  Please speak to Mrs Tong for more information.


Anxiety UK Whether you have anxiety, stress, anxiety-based depression or a phobia that’s affecting your daily life, we’re here to help and are here for you.


Mind - getting those with mental health difficulties support and respect.


Citizens Advice - an independent organisation offering confidential advice to a range of problems including debt and housing.